Every morning when I wake up, one of the first things that I see is the town’s Inukshuk outside my window. Inukshuks are stone landmarks used as directional markers by the Inuit of the Canadian Artic. The stones are stacked in way that resembles humans, with outstretched arms that serves as a symbol of northern hospitality and friendship.

I haven’t been able to go up to see the Inukshuk that’s outside my window here in Rankin Inlet. It’s on top of a very rocky hill and I’m a bit scared to go up there with all the snow and ice. Hopefully by spring, when most of the snow and ice is gone, I’ll be able to go up there and actually get to touch it.

The stone statue can be seen anywhere in town. I took some quick sketches of it last month. (click on the image to get a better look). As you can tell, I’m not that good yet with cross hatching (haha), I’m still learning. But I think the sketches turned out pretty good. I might put up some photos of the Inukshuk here in Rankin Inlet later on, so stay tune for that!


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