Abstract Drawing

Here is a drawing of a Tigerlily that I did for the Industrial Architecture & Design class that I took last year. We were learning to do abstract drawing. First drawing is a sketch of a lily, the second drawing is a simplified version of it, and the third is an abstract sketch of the lily. I didn’t do too well on the abstract version, I think because I had to many lines… oh well.


4 thoughts on “Abstract Drawing

  1. I like seeing the three different versions of the tger lily (one of my all time favorites), so interesting and poetic. Thanks for the comment on my site, katy

  2. Thank you.

    Actually, after thinking about this for a while, I think the reason why I didn’t get the abstract drawing right was not because of the lines but because there was not enough shape to make it really abstract. But I guess this is just part of the learning process.

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