While browsing through random art blogs I’ve noticed that a lot of the artists were using this “moleskine” sketch book for their drawings and were giving it a lot of praise. I searched it on Google and was intrigued by the history of the brand and the type of the materials they used for their notebooks.

During my vacation in Calgary, I decided to buy a moleskine notebook. I bought the watercolor version at the art store that I’ve been going to since 7th Grade, Mona Lisa Arts Supply Store in 17th Ave SW. They didn’t carry the sketchbook version though so I had to scope out the other Art Supply store a block away. Sadly, They didn’t carry them either but I did get the Plain Reporter Notebook.

I’m still on my search for the sketchbook version of the Moleskine. Maybe the next time I’m in Calgary I might be able to find one. But one thing for sure, after purchasing these two Moleskine’s I’ve become a true Moleskine fan.


2 thoughts on “Moleskine

  1. I hope you found them. They are wonderful quality drawing books. I like the small size that fits in your pocket and you can carry it everywhere with you. Opus Framing art supplies carries them, but you need to know there are about ten different kinds – some with lines, some without, some for writing, some for drawing, some used as diaries, some fold out like accordions.
    I find them great for pen and ink line drawings, but I’ve tried putting watercolour on top of some of the drawings and there’s quite a bit of a resist, so the watercolours settles in a random kind of way. I decided that I liked what the w/c does, so I add some from time to time.

  2. I still don’t have the sketchbook version. I could buy it online but I’ll be going to Calgary in less than two weeks, so I’ll probably continue my search then. =)

    I find moleskine great for pen and ink too. I should probably buy one of those small sized moleskine that you mentioned. It would be nice to have it around while going out in the city, I might just find something really interesting to draw.

    The watercolor version is really good too, the paper is thick so that you can also paint on the other side of the paper. I’ll try and get some sketches up from my moleskine soon, hopefully within a few weeks. =)

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