My Keys!

My Keys, Ink and Water color, Moleskine.

I can’t function at work without these keys! I bring them with me everywhere! There’s my swipe card for work which I use to sign into the computers+workstations, my OH! Henry/Reese retractable blade (my two favorite chocolate bars, btw.), Hawaii key chain (which I don’t know why I have it since I’ve never been to Hawaii), and keys for work and home. I use about six of those keys everyday, several of them I don’t even know what door or lock they open to. I should probably decrease the amount of keys I have, it’s getting really heaving on the pockets!

As for the drawing, I’m actually quite glad how it turned out. I started it about 3 weeks ago and stopped halfway because I was getting frustrated w/ the colors that I was using, but I decided to finish it over the long weekend and I couldn’t believe how well it turned out. I use student grade water colors, I bought them when I first started learning about water color, but now I find the color in the set aren’t the type of colors that I need. Maybe it’s time that I upgrade to a higher quality of water color that would suit my needs a lot more and give me a more richer colors to my paintings.


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