I’m back!

Fashion Drawing, Pencil.

Wow, I haven’t posted anything on here for a long time! I’ve been really busy at work, especially now with the Christmas season. I was also sick last week, I had a bad case of the stomach flu and had constant fever and a strep throat. No fun… I’m going back to work tomorrow. *sigh. Christmas is in four days! Then it’s my birthday! =)

I’m trying to get some new artwork going before the New Years. I bought a lot of art materials on Ebay last month (maybe a little too much I should say, but they’re a Christmas/Birthday present for myself… hehe.) and I’m anxious on getting to use them. hehe.

Close-up of the drawing.

I attached a drawing I did for practice earlier this year. I got the model off from a Glamour magazine fashion page. Her eyes are done by continuous shading and I did a lot of incomplete lines on her face too which is always fun to do when you are doing a fashion drawing. I’ll be putting up more recent work in a couple of days, so stay tuned for that!


4 thoughts on “I’m back!

  1. Hey *sweetie*.

    Thanks for your comment.

    I’m still pretty new in fashion illustration too, there’s still a lot things I need to learn.

    I think the key is just to practice, I know that sounds silly but that’s the only way you can train your eyes to “see” and it will help you find your own unique drawing style. I draw on my sketchbook every night before bed, even just for a few minutes when I don’t have hours to spend. Also books are great, I think you may like this book “Fashion Illustration for Designers” by Kathryn Hagen… it’s a good reference, plus it has two DVD’s where she shows you how she draws, it’s pretty neat.

    I’ll be putting up new illustrations soon, so check back soon!

  2. Wow….this is really beautifull and awesome…..!!……Portion of this one is used in the header section of the blog too…..right….??….Anyway beautifully done……!!

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