Another Blizzard!!!

Wow, I can’t believe the amount of blizzards we’ve had in one month. This one started yesterday and hasn’t stopped. I heard that it will get even worse tomorrow with winds gusting up to 90 km/h. Insane! We closed the store today at 3:00 because the blizzard was getting worse. Right now the winds are going at 60km/h gusting to 80. I took a picture outside my window this morning.

You can barely see the buildings! Anyways, I just finished a new drawing a few days ago, for practice, mostly. The watercolor tubes are Winsor & Newton that I purchased on Ebay a few months ago (about 51 of em’!). I took several pictures of the drawing at different stages from the initial sketch to the the finished drawing. All done in PrismaColor pencils.

One week Blizzard.

Apologies on the lack of update. I promise I’ll get something up this week.

As some of you may not know, I live way up North in a small town called Rankin Inlet, Nunavut for almost two years. Yes, where the Polar Bears are. 🙂 We just had our third blizzard this week. The first one started last Wednesday and I believe this one might last till this Friday. It’s pretty insane and extremely cold. The winds can go up to 70km/h and can feel like – 60C.

I live right across work and even if you live close by walking from work to home is a struggle . A five minute walk can feel like twenty minute hike as you try push your way into the wind. You can feel the icy wind go up into your eyes and into your brain. You feel like someone had slapped you a hundred times a minute with an ice pack over your forehead until you don’t feel your face. Sounds brutal doesn’t it?

I have attached some photos of the Blizzard I took yesterday. I just heard that the Blizzards is going to calm down tomorrow and come back again with a “Rage” (as the CBC News calls it) on Thursday. It’s scary though ’cause it’s been more than a week and no flights can come into Rankin, which means that we will not receive any freight or food supplies for the stores until the Blizzard stops. But I think we will be okay. First picture:

This is our front door, good thing we have another door inside ’cause this one can’t even close. Ice has formed all around it and on the floor (I slipped there many times).

Second Picture:

On my way to work, I took this picture. I thought it had a nice affect with the Sun and all. There’s a couple of skidoo’s there in that picture. Skidoo’s are one of the major transport here in the North. I still haven’t had the chance to drive one but maybe in a few months, I’ll get the chance to. I wouldn’t mind trying out dog sledding either. hehe. =)

Third Picture:

This picture, I took after work… about four o’clock. It get dark around three here and since I work during the day, I barely see the sun!

We had to close the store early yesterday because of the blizzard. It’s still pretty bad out still. I’m going to take this chance to do a bit of drawing and read a good book while having a nice hot cup of coffee.