I waited almost a month for these. DickBlick ran out of the Copic Marker sets right after I ordered them so I had to wait several weeks till they got some on stock. But my other items arrived a week after my order, which is pretty fast, but a few items got damaged on the way. The ink I ordered exploded everywhere and slightly damaged a few items. I sent an email to Dickblick about it and they were happy enough to replace all of them with no charge. So I got a new bottle of ink, another 50 sheet marker pad and a sharpener in the mail too. Cool eh?


For those who do not know what Copic Markers are, they are a line from Japan and very popular with designers and illustrators (especially Manga artist). They are alcohol based, double-ended (brush nib, broad nib, etc), dries quickly and blends quite smoothly. Also, they are refillable, permanent and non-toxic.

These are my second set, Copic Sketch 72B, my first Copic set was a 36 set of Copic Original Marker that I bought on Ebay for about $140US. I would recommend doing a bit of research before you purchase one of these Copics markers as they are expensive and have different kinds. One single Copic marker can cost $5 – $6 each and sets can start from $100 – $300. Tria Pantone Marker are good too but they are also quite expensive but if you want a cheaper alternative try Prisma Markers.


If you would like more information about Copic Markers check out their main site http://www.copicmarkers.com. You can also do some research on Youtube.com or deviantart.com for reviews and tutorials. I highly recommend ordering from DickBlick.com if ever you decide ordering art supplies online.



  1. woohoo! Copic markers! I love the look of artistic renditions with well-blended markers. I recently got a Wacom tablet for my PC and using it photoshop is the bomb! There are so many brush variations and the stylus sensitivity makes it seem like you are using the actual pen, marker, or brush!

    But anyway, I love your work! If you have some time, check out some of my work and let me know what you think (you know deep down that all artists want to know what other artists think of their own work, lol) — http://www.inknform.com


    – Clint

  2. Hello Clint,

    Thanks for taking to the time to leave a comment.

    Wacom tablets looks fun to use. I don’t know much about them though, but it’s something I’d like to try out one of these days. =)

  3. I find it the same with the Copic Markers. Its a whole different kind of medium that I’m not used to, so it’s still quite a challenge (but a really fun one!) =)

    Blending is still a challenge for me though, but I think after a few drawings I’ll get a hang of it and I think it’s the same with the Wacom tablet, it just takes practice then you’ll get really good at it.

  4. I used to really enjoy using my Prismacolor markers when I was in college, but I don`t do much color on paper anymore. Sometimes I just want to get away from digital and break out the markers & bristol board and go to town!…but photoshop/illustrator calls to me in my dreams…

  5. I will look around your blog for some samples with Copic Markers work. Still don’t know how to use them well. Have the 36 set at my den/office.

  6. Well, the drawing w/ the luggage was just a practice drawing… I used pencil crayon and copics.

    I haven’t had time to do any other drawing w/ copic markers lately… you should check out deviantart.com… lots of artist there that use copic markers and also have tutorials.

  7. Where you charged high import fees when they delivered the Copic markers to you? Did they ship it by Canada Post? I am in Ontario and I would like to buy the copic markers. I am trying to look for placed in Canada that sells them. Do you know of any?

  8. Lori,

    You can check your local art dealers in your area if they carry Copic Markers. There are some Scrapbook shops too that do carry them. The only problem with buying from art supplies stores is that they have a high markup, one marker can cost you from $7-$9 a marker, even the sets can be a lot more expensive than what you can buy online.

    In my case, I was living in Nunavut at the time, so my only choice was to buy them online… and of course, I had to pay duties when they arrived… I believe $10 – $20… which I think is not too bad…

    well, I hope I was able to help you in some way.

    – Terri

  9. I design fashion and creat manga, cartoons ect. Copic and Fabre Castell are the best markers if you want to design manga ,fashion ect. I also highly recomend theese, (currently ordering my new 72 set of sketch XD)

    • Hey Josh!

      Sorry for the late reply. I’d love to see some of your artwork. Hope your enjoying your new 72 set of Copic Markers!

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