Power Outage.

On Wednesday, we had a major power outage. The whole town was under State of Emergency after three out of four diesel electricity generators shutdown. It was pretty scary because with no power, our pipes could freeze and burst. So we had to keep a bit of water running. I read that about 70 homes, 10 per cent of Rankin’s Houses, were frozen solid even until now. Good thing we left the taps running.

What happened was that one of the four generators shutdown (around the 18th of Feb) and two of the generators ended up catching on fire that Wednesday. So the whole town ended up running on one generator.

The guy that was suppose to come and fix the generators was stuck in another town. The Airport there wouldn’t let him on the plane because they wanted the Hockey team go first. Pretty dumb, right? Especially concidering the Hockey Tournament was canceled. He ended up having to wait for the next flight out.

Power was going off and on.  We spent the whole night practically in the dark. But Nunavut Power was able to give us about 4 hours of electricity on Thursday so that we can open up the store from 9:00am – 1:00pm for people to shop and stock up on food. The store was so jammed pack of people that we had to hurry to get everyone’s grocery put through before the 1’oclock deadline. It was pretty insane, I wished I had taken some pictures of it. You can read more about it here. (I know some of the people featured in that article! Goes to show how small the town I live in. haha)

One of the perks without electricity is that during that night we were able to enjoy the lunar eclipse, plus, we also got to see the Northern Lights! It was spectacular.

We have electricity now but we still have to be careful and conserve energy. We are still waiting for new generators to arrive from Edmonton and I heard that it won’t get fixed until next week. Well, that’s just a bit of Rankin Inlet news for ya! =) I’ll be on vacation in exactly two weeks! Hooray!


2 thoughts on “Power Outage.

  1. I love finding old forgotten sketches like these. It’s almost as though you are receiving a gift from yourself. I’m especially fond of your self-portrait and the way you did your hand. I love clean contours like this.

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