High on Copic Markers

Okay, I decided to put up the drawing that I did with the Copic Markers.

I know it’s not the best drawing I ever done, but I’m pretty darn proud of it.

Traveller, 11″x14″ Marker Paper

I mainly drew this to test out the Copic Markers that I purchased, so I wasn’t really thinking about making the drawing really “perfect”. Blending was a bit difficult at first. I had to save certain areas with pencil crayon. Plus, I ended up covering up her legs with mesh stockings because I didn’t blend her skin color very well. But I think overall, it worked out pretty well.

As for the suitcase, I wanted it to represent all the places that I have lived or traveled to. So I drew up some stickers on the suitcase to symbolize that. Here’s a close up:

(Click to Enlarge)

I won’t go on too much detail about the flags but the flag on the top, which has a whole bunch of question marks on it, is suppose to represent a country or a place that I might go to in the future. Maybe Japan? haha who knows. I also used white ink to do the highlights and white gouche for the seam on the suitcase.

My brother wants this drawing so I’m giving this to him when I arrive in Calgary. But I know that with practice, I’ll get better in coloring with these Copic Markers. =)


8 thoughts on “High on Copic Markers

  1. Hi Terrilynn,

    I’m from Denver Colorado…..my husband and I are living in Hong Kong right now (13 years)….eventually we will move back to Denver.

    Anyway, I was searching around for copic markers and happened upon your site. When I pulled this picture up, my first impression was…WOW….you are so very talented….don’t sell yourself short. This is a wonderful drawing and the coloring is great. I can’t draw, so I use rubber stamps to make cards etc….I have a great appreciation for those who can draw….take care and keep up the great work….and thanks for sharing. Mary

  2. Hello Mary!

    Thank you for your comment. Sorry it took a while to write back but I’m glad you like my little attempt with the copic markers. =)

    Denver is beautiful. I haven’t been there for almost 10 years, most of my relatives are there. The city reminds me of Calgary, people are friendly and the weather is quite the same too. In the near future, I would like to own a place down there.

    If you would like to see more drawing done in copic markers I would suggest searching in deviantart.com… some of my favourite artist that use copics are toounit and Ecthelian. There are some good tutorials in deviantart too.

    – Terri

  3. TerriLynne!

    This is fabulous. Please enter our first fashion sketch challenge! Winning artwork will inspire our first line of conscientious winter couture coats, made in Chicago! All details at our site at http://www.VauteCouture.com under How It Works– basically one piece of art plus short bio info is all we need, lots of exposure and cash for winners plus the fun of being part of the experiment! 🙂

    I wanted to contact you privately but my dumbass couldn’t figure out how. 😀 haha.


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