Copic Markers – Using The Hand Color Chart has a hand color chart on their website that you can print out.  So today, I want to show you guys how I use it for my Copic markers.

Materials: The paper that I use is the Bienfang Graphics 360 paper, it’s a thin translucent paper so it does not suck up too much ink from your marker. Some brands have the right side of the paper on the back so if you use the wrong side of the paper you get a more streakier and more translucent grainy effect.  But if you use the right side, you get a more blended effect (see below). You can use either side depending on your liking.

You will need scissors and double sided adhesive or any kind of tape or glue.

I used double sided adhesive tape for this example. I cut out a small piece of marker paper based on the size of the chart and put several small adhesive tape on the sides where I want the paper to be glued (see photo below).  I then place the marker paper on top of the adhesive and since the marker paper is translucent you can see through the paper (see second photo below).  I suggest using the same type of paper that you draw with instead of drawing on the chart that you printed out so that you get a better idea of how your colors will turn out.

For this chart I’m using the Original Copic Markers that I bought in a 36 set and I find that using the broad end of the marker is a lot easier to fill in the area of the chart.

When you have completed coloring in your chart, you then can use a black ink pen (for the lighter colors) and a white gel pen (for the darker colors) to fill in the names of the markers you colored in.

Then Voila! You got yourself a color chart!

You can have it on your wall or with you when you draw and if in the future you buy more Copic Markers you can then add them easily on your color chart.

If you have any suggestion or even better ideas on creating color charts for Copic Markers please leave a comment.

Link: Copic Colorchart download, CopicMarker Website


4 thoughts on “Copic Markers – Using The Hand Color Chart

  1. Oh, yay, a color chart. 😀
    I was trying to download it from the website previously and it did not work. :/
    But then I somehow eded up in your page and finally got the chart.

    Thanks. ^^

  2. Well, each time I entered my name and pressed Enter” it would go back to the email? Anyway,
    it’s working now.

    Question: I am new to scrapping/carding, etc. What is all this fuss over Copic markers.
    I have lots of nice colored pencils, crayons, etc. What makes Copic so special. I won’t ask my friends because they’ll make me feel stupid. I just want to know why they are so special, the ads don’t teach me anything…they just say how “wonderful” they are……maybe you can “sell me”
    Thanks, p.s. I haven’t used any – yet.
    Thanks again. Hope you answer. Mary

    • Hi Mary Redd,

      Thank you for your comment.

      Copics are great for any project. I use them a lot to make displays at work. They’re easy to blend and plus they’re refillable! I bought my 72B set a couple of years ago from before the prices went up… but you can still buy them cheaper on ebay. I would suggest buying them individually or in a small set so you can try them out. If you plan to use them for scrapbooking or cardmaking the best thing to use is the Copic Sketch because it has a broad tip and a brush tip on either side which makes it a lot easier to use while drawing.

      The color selection is great too. They’re almost watercolor like when you draw with them. I would suggest using marker paper, cardstock, or bristol board as they don’t suck up so much ink and there are less bleeds.

      You can find a lot of Copic tutorials on or

      Hope this helps!



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