Yikes! I haven’t posted in awhile! Anyways, my cousin Derrick and I are doing a Moleskine exchange. We started it around July.  I thought it would be a great art project for the both of us, plus it’ll get me to do more drawing. haha.  He lives down in Conneticut and is an amazing artist.  You can check out his flickr page here.

I’m almost done my 10 pages so I’ll be sending it out in about a week or so.  I put a preview of one of my drawings up there.  I’m not too sure yet if we are going to post the drawings online but keep checking back for updates.

Also, my brother got me a Cintiq 21ux! Can you believe that? I had it for almost a month now, I’m still learning to use Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.  I even got some books from the library to learn from. Maybe in a few months I’ll get good at it. =)  I’ll post up some pictures some time this week. So check back soon!


6 thoughts on “Moleskine

  1. Thanks for noticing jinx! I used Faber Castell Pitt Pen to do the shading, the ones with the brush tip (gray tone). They’re really great for quick sketches.

  2. TerriLynne, This is a terrific drawing. I like mechanical things, too.
    This one is great on composition and tonal balance.
    Doyou ever think about transforming some of these mechanical bits into something else. When I looked at this, I thought: It looks like a mechanical bird readying to pick up some seed or a worm from the ground.With the line going from it’s “mouth” to the ground, maybe a worm would be a better idea. It might make a good cartoon subject!

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