I finally won something!

I’m the contest winner for Jesuisfei’s Banner Contest. Ain’t that awesome?!?!  The original photograph of the banner is below.

I’ve also started a beauty review blog and will be launching it some time this week. It’s called “sugarless.candy. A Beauty Blog” haha. You can check it out here


12 thoughts on “I finally won something!

    • Hi Fuz! Thank you so much. Yes, I started a new beauty blog. lol. There’s nothing much to it yet but I hope you pass by again. I might have something up by the end of this week. =)

  1. Sorry for the delay hon! I was busy with midterms all last week, so I didn’t want to lug another thing around school (the post office is on campus). I’m back home right now, but when I return to school I’ll be able to mail it finally. I’ll def let you know!

    • I got your message and I understand you’ve been busy and can’t mail the prize yet. I’ve been so excited waiting for it to arrive but don’t worry, mail it at your earliest convenience.

  2. ZOMG. I hope you’ve checked your inbox, but in any case… I finally had your package shipped! So sorry for the delay! Things have been really shiteous on my end. Hope you like your prize!

  3. Hi Fei. Hope your feeling better. I’m just writing to you to let you know that I received your package a few days ago. I love it! Thanks!

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