Home, at last.

watercolor still-life
Still-life, Watercolor.

Sorry for the lack of updates. I’m still recovering from a very long flight from Rankin to Calgary. Our flight got canceled on Monday because of the blizzard.

We moved our flight to Tuesday afternoon and arrived in Calgary early Wednesday Morning. It was such a super long flight, way too many stops. It wasn’t fun at all. I felt really sick when we arrived in Calgary. I’m feeling better now though. I’m just really glad to be on the ground and at home in Alberta.

I can’t believe how fast Calgary has grown. I’m so amazed by the city, just as if though I’ve seen it for the first time.  There are so many cars and condos everywhere… new roads, new buildings. I don’t even recognize it anymore. I’m still trying to adjust from coming from the North to living in the city. Everything is new to me. I couldn’t even figure out how to use a vending machine for crying out loud. haha. I think I’ve been away for far too long.

For the past few days, I’ve been going around the city, doing a bit of shopping here and there. Prices are so much cheaper here than in the North. haha. I went to Ikea for the first time today. That place is HUGE! I got too overwhelmed. haha. They had showrooms and arrows on the floor pointing you where to go. I felt like I was in a tour guide ’cause everyone was going the same way. haha. It was pretty fun. I didn’t buy any furniture though, I just bought a green bowl and two tea cups.

I haven’t had a chance to do any drawings yet since I arrived on Wednesday. I will probably start doing some tomorrow. =) The still-life above was done around December. I was testing out the Winsor Newtown Watercolor pan set I bought on Ebay. haha. I love Ebay.


Another Blizzard!!!

Wow, I can’t believe the amount of blizzards we’ve had in one month. This one started yesterday and hasn’t stopped. I heard that it will get even worse tomorrow with winds gusting up to 90 km/h. Insane! We closed the store today at 3:00 because the blizzard was getting worse. Right now the winds are going at 60km/h gusting to 80. I took a picture outside my window this morning.

You can barely see the buildings! Anyways, I just finished a new drawing a few days ago, for practice, mostly. The watercolor tubes are Winsor & Newton that I purchased on Ebay a few months ago (about 51 of em’!). I took several pictures of the drawing at different stages from the initial sketch to the the finished drawing. All done in PrismaColor pencils.

My Keys!

My Keys, Ink and Water color, Moleskine.

I can’t function at work without these keys! I bring them with me everywhere! There’s my swipe card for work which I use to sign into the computers+workstations, my OH! Henry/Reese retractable blade (my two favorite chocolate bars, btw.), Hawaii key chain (which I don’t know why I have it since I’ve never been to Hawaii), and keys for work and home. I use about six of those keys everyday, several of them I don’t even know what door or lock they open to. I should probably decrease the amount of keys I have, it’s getting really heaving on the pockets!

As for the drawing, I’m actually quite glad how it turned out. I started it about 3 weeks ago and stopped halfway because I was getting frustrated w/ the colors that I was using, but I decided to finish it over the long weekend and I couldn’t believe how well it turned out. I use student grade water colors, I bought them when I first started learning about water color, but now I find the color in the set aren’t the type of colors that I need. Maybe it’s time that I upgrade to a higher quality of water color that would suit my needs a lot more and give me a more richer colors to my paintings.