I’m officially 21.

Yesterday was my birthday. It didn’t feel like much of a birthday though. Usually, I spend my birthday enjoying the Boxing Day Sale at the malls with family. But now that we’re living practically out of nowhere (away from home and civilization) I have resorted to online shopping. I guess it’s not so bad, I don’t have to deal with the Boxing Day crowd or the traffic. *sigh… but I sure do miss home.


This would be my first post here in my new blog. I am very excited to get this blog up and running (finally!). I’ve been putting it off for about three weeks now because I had no clue what to write. But I decided today to get something up, at least.

I plan to use this blog to showcase some of my artwork and maybe improve my writing skills too?

The drawing on the left was a charcoal drawing assignment I did for Fashion Illustration class that I took last year. We were learning about the importance of the “line” and how a simplicity of a line can take a drawing to another level.

It was bit difficult for me at first to draw with simplicity because I’m the type of artist that loves to draw with alot of detail. But after a while, drawing with less and lesser detail for the next 4 months that I was taking the course, it had grown to me, that now drawing has become alot easier.

To me, fashion drawing is alot of fun. You can get so creative and playful with it, that even how simple the drawing looks, it still has this expressive quality to it.

I hope you and your loved ones have a great christmas holiday and many blessings to come.